About the VFL Concacaf Leagues

Welcome to the VFL CONCACAF League’s Website. This is where a group of persons who have been playing FIFA together for years have developed an exquisite level of friendship that can also be seen as a brotherhood. 

Throughout the years of friendship and playing various modes of FIFA together we have found most of our joy playing together using FIFA ProClubs.

With the establishing of this new found joy we have decided to create a league that will allow others to share the joy we experience while having a competitive edge and displaying camaraderie.

We will always respect each other while displaying passion and admiration while play the game we love FIFA.

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Discord --->  https://discord.gg/FZCTkj

Twitter --->  @vflconcacaf 

FaceBook ---> https://www.facebook.com/VFL-Concacaf-108418520698001/


eMail ---> concacafvirtualpros@gmail.com

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